Using Umwelt

Please be sure that Umwelt is properly installed, including setting a password on your computer. See the instalation tutorial for more details.

Adjusting the distance

The trick to get Umwelt working properly is the correct adjustment of the Bluetooth signal threshold. However, that is also tricky. The Bluetooth signal can be affected by a lot of things: objects between your watch and the computer, other bluetooth devices around, umidity, etc.

To make it a little easier Umwelt provides an easy access to the threshold setting, right in the menu. Don't worry if the signal goes below threshold for 1 or 2 seconds once every few minutes. However, if you get too many long warnings when you are close to the computer then just lower the level a little bit. If, on the other hand, the computer doesn't show a warning when you go away from it then just rise the level.

Adjust distance on the menu

or in the preferences dialog
Unlocking from a screen saver and sleep mode

By now, Umwelt cannot wake up a computer from sleep mode, that will come in a later release. To wake up a sleeping computer you just need to press any keyboard key. That will bring the login screen and Umwelt should be able to recognize you are around and type the password for you.

If the computer is currently locked with a running screen-saver Umwelt will activate the login screen and unlock it for you.


We'll release periodically new versions of Umwelt with bugfixes and new features. We recommend you to automatically check for new releases, by marking the appropriate check box on the preferences dialog.

Security settings

We recommend you mark the check box "Ask for password before changing preferences...". It is meant to avoid from other people to bypass Umwelt locking when you are away from the computer.

Preventing locking while you are close to the computer

Sometimes you don't want the screen saver or sleep mode in your computer to activate (e.g.: when you are reading). You can use Umwelt to prevent this from happening by checking the check box "Block the screen saver or sleep mode..." in the second tab on the Preferences.

Send feedback

We need your help to improve Umwelt. Please send periodically your opinion about how Umwelt is performing, how convenient it is and how we can improve it. It is also very iportant that you tell us what is your overall configuration, by keeping checked the "Include anonymous usage data with this feedback" checkbox. No data that allows us to identify you will be revealed.